Cold Treatment for Seeds - Stratification

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Some perennial seeds need a cold period to germinate (like in the nature).

Imitate this process using Cold Moist stratification method.

I used this technique since 5 years.


Step 1: Cold Stratification Method - List of materials

Step 2: Select seeds who require a period of cold to germinate

Step 3: Put seeds inside zip-lock plastic baggies

Step 4: Moisten the paper towel

Step 5: Identify plant variety on the seed bag

Step 6: Store your seeds in the refrigerator

Step 7: Germination of seeds after cold stratification process

Step 1: Preparing the Package and Stratifying Medium

Select seed and put them into a plastic baggie.

Moisten the paper towel.

Step 2: Label Your Baggies and Place Them Into Refrigerator

Use adress label to identify seed variety.

Put your baggies into a platic contaner and place it into a refrigerator.

Wait 10 days and check if seeds have sprouted.



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