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This is sort of a continuation of my last Instructable, I worked on the stove case and now I'm working on the moving parts. The gas tank and the valve assembly.

So this will be about the things I ended up doing in order to get the stove up and running!

Step 1: Gas Tank

I started by removing the valve assembly from the tank, I used a crescent wrench and some careful pivoting. I also removed the pump assembly and the cap. Then as shown in the pictures I stuffed the holes with some rags. This way I could try clean just the tank.

There was some rust spots in different places, mainly around the middle so I wanted to try and get as much rust off as possible. I used a few brushes and some 0000 steel wool. But I also used a nifty gift I was given for Christmas. It's shown in the pictures, it's a little green stick. I am fairly certain it's a stick of compact fiber glass, and if you rub rust with it like a crayon then the rust just comes right off! Pretty sure if you were to Google "Magic stick that removes rust" you'll find it almost immediately. It's pretty cheap and pretty good at getting rust spots off.

After cleaning, I used the same primer as the stove case and then some red paint I had left over from another project. The color was pretty close, a little brighter than the original but I was ok with it. Also, I ended up replacing the valve assembly so I just used the old one to help me hold the tank stable in my vice for painting.

Step 2: Valve Assembly

When I first got the stove I tested it to see if it worked. It kind of worked, but there were some leaks from the generator tip. So I took the assembly apart to discover that the packing for the hand valve was pretty much gone. So I tried to take the handle off to replace the packing but the screw was rusted on. I tried to drill out the screw to no evail. As you can also see in the photos I was not able to remove the generator as it was also rusted on.

So I decided to just replace the whole thing. I went to "" to find what I needed. If you have any need for parts on old coleman stoves, lanterns, or the like then I recommend checking out that website. Mike, the guy in charge, is very nice and reply quickly if you have any questions about parts. I decided to buy a new valve assembly and the generator separately since it ended up being a bit cheaper. But you can buy the whole thing.

I assembled the pieces and put them in the tank.

Step 3: Test It Out!

I put the tank and stove together,and lit it up! I found one leak at the base of the generator by the tank so I tightened that up. But all in all the parts worked great and it's good as new! I also decided to put my initials on the tank for fun, I just used my finances nail Polish.

Step 4: Final Thoughts

All in all from start to finish I had a great deal of fun. I took a rusty box and turned it into a new stove! I hope this has helped someone out there with their projects, or at least given you an idea for a fun new project.

I hope to bring updates in the future of how well it's holding up. I don't have many worries about the parts themselves, really just the paint job. I intended originally to use some high heat paint, but I decided to go this route instead.

So this has been my attempt to refurbish an old camp stove, there are other ways to do the same job but this is my attempt. If you have other thoughts or comments please feel free to share, as well as pictures! It's always fun to see others projects :)

Happy camping!



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    2 years ago

    How can anyone not like your results. Or better yet, enjoy doing the same thing to there own stove. Bravo sir Bravo.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you very much :) I hope others out there would enjoy the same.


    2 years ago

    Excellent pair of 'ibles. The stove really turned out beautifully. Nive job.

    1 reply