Collapsable Table (Treehouse/Shop)





Introduction: Collapsable Table (Treehouse/Shop)

I wanted to build a table for my brother's treehouse that could collapse and not take up space when he wasn't using it. This is what I ended up with.

Step 1: Materials

Some 2x4s and plywood.
Also, if you don't already have them, some hinges and metal latches.

Step 2: Design

Obviously, the design is circumstantial based on your parameters, and I changed a few things along the way to make it work, but this is the basic idea. (Blame Paint).

Step 3: Build

So basically, it's a 2x4 frame covered in plywood. The legs are just 2x4s that hinge at the bottom front so they fold underneath, and the top of the table hinges to a small part (also 2x4 covered with plywood) which is the part that you attach to the wall.

Step 4: Install

Put it wherever you want. Use a bolt, or screws to attach the top part to the wall. As I mentioned, I put it in my brothers treehouse, but a different size would work for a workshop or whatever else. Also, I added a latch so it wouldn't fall open on it's own.

I hope this inspires someone to try something similar. Thanks for reading.



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    wow i mite do this to my tree house that i have to rebuild because of a storm

    I made a 4' x 3' version of this for my basement. Thanks for the great idea. My wife likes it so much that she wants one for her craft room.


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    Neat! I have seen another design of a folding table where instead of folding the table 'down', like you have, this one folds 'up'. The legs are hinged so that they fold up under the bottom of the table when it is up against the wall. I really like your design though, because you can make the entire table flush inside of the wall! How do you keep the table legs tucked under the top of the table? Magnets on the legs might be a good addition. :)

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    Magnets is a wonderful idea. I have  a latch on the bottom and floor for when it's folded up to keep it in place.

    I really like this idea and I think I will be building something very similar for our school as impromptu project/art stations. Thanks for sharing.

    when i was little my grandpa built a table that folded down for my HO model train. i would watch my train drive in a 4' circle spice things up i would lay my sisters polly pockets on the tracks. sometimes hotwheels ...or my tongue.

    Nice, I was thinking of a design along these lines, just as some others have mentioned, a single leg hinging out from the wall. Great 'ible though! Keep it up, Geekazoid

    nice build. I just made something like this for my dad's workshop to hold a chop saw. I was worried that we would kick the legs in if it was that design, so i made a single leg that hinged sideways on the wall

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    I agree; I would favor a design with a support arrangement that cannot collapse at all. My first thought would be a flap that folds down from the table surface to form a right angle brace against the wall. It's the same idea as the wall flap really, but since it works with gravity, deploying the table might be slightly easier, so it might work better for much larger or heavier tables. The current design could be modified to be safer by drilling two holes through the floor and installing a mating dowel on the end of the table legs that fit into these holes .

    I thought about that as well, but it will mostly just be used for sitting and drawing and holding the occasional cup or plate, so I wasn't too worried. Good idea though.

    This looks like it could be easily expanded for a workshop workbench. Thanks!

    Very cute! I will actually give these specs to my dad to implement in my scarce kitchen area.