Collapsible Cup

Introduction: Collapsible Cup

I was engaged in a class project where the task was to design a cup, based on the favourite everyday carry item of a randomly matched class member. The item is the portable flash light on the right top corner of the persona.

During the interview following data came up,

-The fact that the flashlight is a keychain guarantees that the user has it as long as she has her house keys, so its hard to leave at home.

-The user mentioned that the flashlight is small enough to not bother while carrying around

- She mentioned that she specially liked the bright colors and the compact form of the product

- The flashlight is charged by turning a handle and she stated that she liked the handle's closing detail.

Step 1: Moodboard

I decided to focus on the form and the color aspects

Step 2: Brand

Step 3: Sketching

i started with three nesting conic shapes which would be easily collapsed and reduce to 1/3 of the original volume

Step 4:

Step 5: Ideation

the three cones design requires a solid leaking precaution. which would be very hard given the fact that it needs to be solved with a isolation detail.

Step 6: Swot

Step 7: Sketch

I decided to change the design due to dissatisfaction of the desired rounded vibe and the search for a more compact and leak proof solution.

The design is consisted of three parts two of which can be screwed into the main part and a lid.

Step 8: Review

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