Collapsible Farmers Market Stand, Puesto De Mercado, Tianguis

Introduction: Collapsible Farmers Market Stand, Puesto De Mercado, Tianguis

Hi this is my instructable for the flat pack contest, is a portable collapsible Farmer market stand its made from homedepot wood just 2x3 a 1x10 boards, Its light weight and very easy to assemble in just under 2 minutes, Watch the video to watch assemble and unassembled in real time also some details.

Step 1: The Roof

The roof its made from canvas and attached with bungee cords it makes a nice shade to stand under the sun , also looks more rustic if you need some water protection it can be treated with bee wax

Step 2: Joints

There its no real joint in this project all its hold by pieces of wood screwed making pressure against others to hold in place so this make very easy to build, and very cheap also if you don't have power tools you still can build this with a hack saw ,a speed square, screw driver and a chisel

Step 3: The Table

The table its not for holding big wights but i have put around 50 kilograms of fruit in the top and it hold it nice

Step 4: Collapsible

Its very light weight and its made with the exact measurements to fit my truck it can be transported by 1 person on a dolly or cart it weight no more than 10 kilograms

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    4 Discussions

    Great idea! Silly question, but where is the video link? Thinking could be a camp kitchen for van travels

    1 reply

    The video its in the first step , probably you are watching it via app in your phone or tablet for the moment instructables app dont allow to watch embedded videos, watch it on your desktop computer on your browser , or visit direct in you tube with this link

    Excellent, interesting and innovative!

    What it is lacking is lateral support. The crosspiece at the bottom, closest to the ground could maybe go from the foot on the left, to the table on the right. This would form a solid triangle. The lateral stress on the 'small joints' that you have may snap if say, someone stumbles into the end of your stand. With a diagonal lateral support, it would not budge.

    I think I'll have a crack at making this stand - thanks, and come back with more instructables please.

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    Thanks Procter I was worried about some body crashing with my stand the part from the bottom was originally to add a second shelf for more products but I run out of wood and end like a support, your idea with crossed supports it's the answer for the problem maybe using some rope creating an X shape in tension can help if not I will try with 2x2 pieces of wood with an X shape do there it's two triangles, thanks for your comment it helped with the project