Collapsible PVC Pipe Bracelet Jig

Introduction: Collapsible PVC Pipe Bracelet Jig

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I made this to take along on some of those trips i take where i don't want to lug around a bulky jig to have some paracord fun. I've looked around on the net for something that could be made out of PVC pipe, but came up with zilch, so this is my take on the PVC paracord jg.

I usually stick with bracelets and key fobs, so i don't need anything more than 10 inches in length, but feel free to play around with the dimensions as per what you need. I also could have used another T joint at both ends to allow this to stand (maybe I’ll do that in a later version), but this suits my needs and is easy to carry.

I used 1 inch thick pipe because I can use the inside of the pipe to store things like a small blade, a cheapo lighter, a piece of measuring tape, a home-made fid and some spare snap clips. It all makes for a surprisingly small and light package that dismantles and fits into a small pouch that I stitched up to keep everything together.

The T joint has a split lengthwise down he center, this allows it to move along the length of the pipe and since the split is the size of a hacksaw blade kerf, I don't need anything else to hold it in place. just slide the front edge of it to the correct measurement and start weaving

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Step 1: Parts & Tools Needed

Parts needed:

  • 1 piece of 12" long by 1" thick CPVC pipe (I used CPVC because its the easiest thick-wall pipe i can buy.)
  • 2 pieces of 3.5" length pipe,
  • 1 T joint of matching thickness,
  • 3 end caps of matching thickness,
  • 1 right angle joint of matching thickness
  • 2 or more zip-ties (as required)
  • 1 set of snap clips (I used 2 sizes here because that’s what i usually use)

Tools needed:

  • Some sort of saw to cut your pipe / a PVC pipe cutter
  • A measuring tape (i used the flexible tailor tape)
  • A drill with the appropriate drill bit
  • Pencil / sharpie to make your markings
  • A bit of sandpaper to remove the burrs and smooth out your cuts.
  • A round / half round file

Total cost: 100 rupees (minus the clips)

Step 2: Process


  1. Cut your PVC pipe to length and smooth remove the burrs. You need 2 lengths of 3.5 inch long pipe and 1 length of 12 inch long pipe.
  2. Put the end cap on one of the 3.5 inch pipes so that you can mark where the edge comes up to.
  3. Remove the end cap and mark a spot about ¼ inch below that mark and another about ¼ inch below that. These are your drill points.
  4. Drill through the pipe so that you have holes that are evenly placed on both sides of it.
  5. Now fix your T joint into a vice or some other gripping device and cut through the bottom side. Make sure this cut is straight.
  6. Use your file to remove the inside lip of the T joint. Only one side would do.
  7. Thread a zip tie through one end of the 3.5" pipe and through the top hole, then through the clip and back into the bottom hole and zip it locked inside the pipe, cut off the ends. Do this for both your pipes. I did this on both sides of the pipe because i used 2 different size clips.
  8. Assemble the parts as shown and presto, you've got yourself a quick an easy paracord jig.

Check out my blog at CrazyFindian@Tumblr for more DIY, Travel and craziness!

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Very clever idea. If I had not already bought one, I'd try my hand at making this.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks egray9, gonna make a version 2 soon with legs, so it can stand straight. the trick is trying to keep its profile small so it fits in my daypack :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    For legs, maybe you could drill holes near each end (or one end) of the long piece. Then you could slip a dowel through the hole to stabilize your jig, it will probably wobble a little side to side but would stay upright. The dowel could then pack inside the long tube when you break it down to fit your pack.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I remember making Paracord bracelets without a jig. Possible, but not the easiest!