Collapsible Picknic / Side-table




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I made these Collapsible Picknic / Side-tables ...

You can use them for any occasion. For the garden or Picknic and even for the beach.....

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Step 1: What Do You Need.....

This is what you need to make one:

1. a 2x4 or wood that compair this size.

2. 18 mm and 8 mm dowel

3. 2 washers

4. Screws

5. Wood Glue

6. Bandsaw

8. Chopsaw or a tablesaw

9. Jigsaw

10. Clamps

11. Sandpaper

12. Drillbits 8, 12, 18 mm

13. Fornsterbit 30 mm

If you wanna see the hole construction watch my video......

Step 2: The Final Results......

You can use it where ever you want...

Stick it into the ground...and you have your personal table.

Step 3: For the Hole Construction Watch My Video.....

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