Collection of Awesome Mini Lego Guns

Introduction: Collection of Awesome Mini Lego Guns

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Step 1: Sniper With Bipod

Step 2: Flame Thrower

Step 3: Gold Rpg

Step 4: Mini Gun

Step 5: Grenade Launcher

Step 6: Sniper Rifle

Step 7: Chainsaw Machine Gun

Step 8: Random Machine Gun 1

Step 9: Random Machine Gun 2

Step 10: Hammer of Death

Step 11: Assault Rifle With Grenade Launcher

Step 12: Sniper With Night Vision Scope, Laser Scope, Flashlight, and Grenade Launcher

Step 13: Gravity Hammer

Step 14: Chicken!!!!!!!!!

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    8 Discussions


    3 years ago

    cool guns. BUT: kinda obvious how to make most of them. And the chicen leg is the most bestest of them all.


    4 years ago

    I could become # 10!


    4 years ago

    Could you maybe change it to 10 followers?