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I've been enjoying looking at all the wonderful things that all of my fellow crocheters and knitters have been sharing with all of us and decided that I would like to share some of the things that I've made over the years too. I hope you enjoy looking at my collection of crochet items as much as I've enjoyed making them. This collection is starting from the 70's and working up until the present day.
Most of my projects from the 70's were made from Jack Frost yarns and I got the patterns from McCall's magazines and Family Circle, and Needleworks...they were about all you could get back then.
In the 80's I started working with bedspread weight knit-cro-sheen cotton threads and produced quite a few projects and doilies. I was on a filet crochet kick my eyes are failing and I can't do the fine work I mostly work with Red Heart worsted weight and different kinds of 100%cotton yarns, and for the most part I don't use a pattern anymore...I might start with a pattern and then I end up changing it around and designing my own things.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    bevneal01 say's: You're work is simply wonderful! Everything is adorable! I would really love to have the pattern for the cotton baby fisherman sweater,and hat set.This is my first contest,and I love to crochet too! If you have the pattern e-mail me at Great Job!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    "Simply take pictures of your project, share them in an Instructables Slideshow, and briefly explain how and why you made it! If you used a specific yarn or pattern, tell us what you chose, why you like it, and whether you'd do it differently next time."

    just sayin...