Colonial Washstand 1760 Plan + Step-By-Step Woodworking Plans!


Introduction: Colonial Washstand 1760 Plan + Step-By-Step Woodworking Plans!

I found the original of this classic colonial washstand piece while on vacation on JekyII island in Georgia.

It was probably made during the middle of the eighteenth century but it´s a look that´s often duplicated to good effect today. I´ve searched the books but have not been able to find anything quite like it.

Pls find the attached pdf file for a new plan you will enjoy :)

For more Woodworking plans you can visit: this website!

Cheers !



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    Okay, so here's my nice and positive comment regarding George M (AKA Ryan Henderson, AKA Ted Mcgrath) George M(Ted M) has done a great job of assembling other people's free plans, into one location, and charging you for these free plans. Keep up the good work George M(Ted M)! Of course, I could have found these on my own, for free! But George M(Ted M) has somehow acquired all these formerly free plans, and made it a one-stop shop for us...for a fee, not free. And many of these "free plans" are pretty old, and not well written. Buyer beware, you should look up Ted Mcgrath before you buy anything from him.

    Both of your instructables require you to purchase the plans