Color-Changing Cat



About: This is creator of Xadow modules

How to combine art with technology?
How to put codes into real environment, to make people happy? How to design interactive object with Arduino, even if you are beginner?

Learn to make a color change cat, controlled with you phone(android). This project helps you understand NFC directly simply by your cellphone.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • An Arduino core board, I'm using Xadow Main Board. (Link to buy)
  • NFC module, to make it embeded in cat, I'm using Xadow NFC module (Link to buy)
  • RGB LED, I'm using Grove - Chainable RGB LED, it's quite bright and can be used in chain~ (Link to buy), this is key part for color changing.
  • 3D printed cat, model uploaded
  • micro USB cable, this is for Xadow board (included in the Xadow Main Board)
  • Lipo power with JTAG 1mm (included in the Xadow Main Board)

Step 2: Assemble and Program

The way use Xadow is easy:

Combine + Connect + Program

  1. Check the items last step, we've combine those mudule together.
  2. Connect Xadow modules, we made a prototype from parts. Arduino won't begin work until it is programmed to do such things.
  3. Download the code on github, and upload them to boards. Don't remember the little Grove-chainable-led.
  4. Final check, put all of them into a shell (3d-printed or paper-cut)

Step 3: Control With Android


there is a video you can watch.



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