Color Changing Slime Stress Ball



Introduction: Color Changing Slime Stress Ball

The color changing slime stress ball, is what I chose to make because it is easy, and fun to play with. This colorful stress ball can change colors simply by squeezing it. This is a fun way to relieve stress and cure boredom.

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

1. ¼ cup of glue

2. ¾ cup of shaving cream

3. 4 tablespoons of contact solution

4. Large bowl

5. Funnel

6. Fork or spoon

7. ¼ teaspoon of Yellow food coloring

8. 2 aqua-blue balloons

9. 6 inch by 6 inch mesh

Step 2: Pouring

Pour ¼ cup of glue into mixing bowl.

Step 3: Mixing

Mix ¾ cup of shaving cream in the mixing bowl with glue.

Step 4: Mixing, Mixing, and More Mixing

Mix 4 tablespoons of contact solution in the same mixing bowl, until completely blended.

Step 5: Adding Color

Mix ¼ teaspoon of yellow food coloring, mix until there is no white showing.

Step 6: Pouring But Not Mixing

Add 1 tablespoon of contact solution, make sure it goes all around the slime, but do not mix the solution into the slime. When I first did this I picked all of the slime up and place it directly on the solution and started to move it around.

Step 7: Funnel Time!

Get the first turquoise balloon and open up the neck of the balloon around the funnel, but DO NOT cut the neck off.

Step 8: Pouring the Slime

Slowly start to pour the slime into the funnel, I split the amount of slime into smaller amounts to make it easier to fit down the funnel.

Step 9: Amount of Slime You Want

Do not fill the balloon with all of the slime in the bowl, it may pop, but fill ½ of the amount of slime that you have created into the balloon.

Step 10: Time to Tie

9. When done pouring the slime into the balloon carefully take off the balloon on the funnel and tie the neck so that no slime can escape.

Step 11: Snip Snip

Take the last turquoise balloon and cut the neck off.

Step 12: Stretching the Balloon and This Title

Place all fingers into the balloon except your thumbs. Then stretch the balloon and place it over the balloon with the slime in it.

Step 13: More Snipping!

Pull the outside balloon tight so that there is no air in between the balloon with slime and the outside layer, and cut off the extra parts of the neck sticking out. DO NOT cut the balloon with slime in it, just the extra on the outside layer.

Step 14: Mesh Time!

Cut a mesh 6 inches by 6 inches.

Step 15: Almost Done...

Spread the mesh around the balloon and tie 2 opposite corners together.

Step 16: Finished

Lastly tie the next opposite corners together, and you have a slime stress ball.

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