Color Code and Types of Resistors

Introduction: Color Code and Types of Resistors

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We are all well known that a RESISTOR is an electric element that limits the flow of the electric current into an electric circuit. According to OHM's law, a current that is passed through the resistor is always directly proportional to the voltage across the terminals of the resistors.

Color Code of Resistors:

To calculate the resistance of a particular resistor, we require the color codes. By observing the figure, you may get an idea about the values of various color codes of resistors.

Types of Resistors:

There are different types of resistors and some of them are listed below.

Carbon Composition Resistor
Metal Film Resistor
Wire Wound Resistor
Variable Resistor
Wire Wound Resistor.
SMD Resistor
Preset Resistor

Are you interested to get detailed information about each type of resistor? Do you know how to connect the resistors and how to calculate the value of resistors? Then read the post - Resistor Color Code and Types of Resistors.

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