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Introduction: Colour Coded Makerspace Door

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At YuKonstruct, we colour coded our tools to match to the colour of their respective locations in the makerspace. Each different space was given a specific door colour:

  • Sewing room- Peony
  • Washrooms- Banana Yellow
  • Hacker space- Kelly Green
  • Fabrication lab- Utah Sky
  • Wood shop- Dark Salmon
  • Metal shop- California Lilac

We chose Silver Half Dollar as a neutral colour to paint select areas such as trim.

    Our multi-coloured door that encompasses a section of each colour, opens out into the backyard where the wood and metal shop are located. Coming in from outside, the door leads into the bathrooms, the hacker space, the fabrication lab, and the sewing room. This means that the interior side of the door marks the colours of the rooms outside, and the exterior side of the door marks the rooms that are inside. We had some leftover paint form colour coding the rooms, and decided to make this multi-colour door that would lead into and represent each space!

    Step 1: Materials

    • door
    • screwdriver / drill (for taking door on and off)
    • primer
    • outdoor house paint
    • medium sized brush
    • painters tape (or detail brush)
    • pencil
    • string (could be thread, fishing line, butchers, etc.)

    Step 2: Drawing the Curves

    When your door is primed and dry, it's ready to draw on the curves.

    First, tie one end of your string around your pencil, and secure the other end to any solid object next to your door. As long as the pencil reaches the door, you've done it right. When your pencil is secure, draw a straight line on the door wherever the pencil happens to land. You have to pull on the string so it's taught, and your straight line will come out as a smooth curve. Just try drawing different angles until you find a composition you're happy with. You will have to re-tie the end of your string to re-position your angle, or, if you're tied to a heavy movable object, just re-position that. The other option is to move the position of your door.

    Step 3: Painting the Curves

    When you have all your curves drawn out how you like, you can start painting them.

    This step is pretty straight forward. For the difficult areas you may want to use painters tape or a fine detail brush. Also, if you aren't removing the door knob, make sure to tape around it or paint very carefully. You will likely need multiple coats of paint to get a nice flat colour.

    Now you just have to wait for it dry, put your door back in, and you're done!

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