Color Spinner




Introduction: Color Spinner

When you spin this, colors will pop out at you!


A blade
A penny
A Pencil

Step 1: Draw and Cut

First, take a piece of cardboard and draw a circle in pencil on it.  The model used is 3 1/2 by 3 inches.
Cut the circle out. 

Step 2: Slitting

Using a blade or knife slit, not cut, the middle and insert a penny.

Step 3: Coloring

Using your sharpies, draw curved lines over half the circle. Make sure you don't put lines across from each other or the color will mix.

Step 4: Example

This is an example of how to place the lines.

Step 5: Spinning Properly

Place the spinner in front of you on a flat sturdy surface.  Put the penny length wise facing you.  Place your
thumb from your left hand and on the bottom of the penny and your pointer from your right hand on top.
Then, quickly cast them in opposite directions.
Now your done!



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    Awesome! Can you post a video?

    Also, you should write an instructable about making stop motion videos. Yours are awesome!