Color Splash (selective Coloring)

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have you ever seen photos where some of it is B&W and some of it iss colored? well i will tell you how to do that...... (my apologies if these instructions are unclear)

Step 1: How To.....

to do this, you first have to go to after you are there, click upload photo (you do not have to have an account)  and choose the picture you want to  color splash. 

Step 2: Next.......

after the photo is done uploading, you go to the create tab. when you are in the create tab if it is not already there, click  on the effects tab. then click black and white or sepia, and your picture will turn all black and white or all sepia. then in the options box that should appear (it will not say options) click on original. this makes it so wherever you click on in the picture, it will turn it's original color.



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