ColorMe Bookmarks - DIY Valentines Day Gift

The Valentines Day was nearing. Its time to create gifts for my kid's school friends and teachers. Every year me and my kid make gifts at home. This is to engage my kid in an useful activity and and to encourage his creativity while creating a lovable gift for his friends. I was thinking of a gift that could actually be sensual and useful to kids. Suddenly bookmarks strike in my mind. I wanted to add some special feature to it. I have added small coloring page to it and set the theme as red.

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Step 1: Materials Required

Red Bristol board

Auto stick heart shaped foam stickers

Bookmark coloring printable (available online)

Glue stick


Measuring scale


Step 2: Procedure

Measure 15 x 5 cm rectangles of equal size in a Bristol board.

Cut them into separate pieces.

Paste the coloring sheet on one side of the book mark.

Decorate it with stickers and other decors as you like.

Step 3: This One Is Made for the Teacher..

It is a very simple and easy to make gift.

Definitely the kids would enjoy and feel proud for making this for their friends.

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