Dyed Pasta Prank

Introduction: Dyed Pasta Prank

This prank is DEFIANTLY one of my favorite pranks, especially since it has to do with food, which is the best kind of prank. Since pasta is one of my favorite foods, I will enjoy it even more, because I can understand the disappointment. Here's how it goes: you give your victim a box of pasta, they open it, dump it in the boiling water, and it explodes into red color. If you decide to do this to your family / friends PLEASE comment below and tell me how it went!

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Step 1: Get Pasta and Kool Aid Powder (The Dye)

Well, your first step is pretty obvious... get some pasta and Kool Aid powder. Pretty much any kind of pasta will work, just as long as it is simple to hide powder. Here are some great options:

Rotini Pasta

Ziti Pasta

Elbow Macaroni Pasta

Spaghetti Pasta

Farefalle Pasta

Conchiglie Pasta

Note: Lasagna will not work as well as most pastas, but might work. Just keep that in mind. Also, red Kool Aid power works the best.

Step 2: Pour the Dye Into the Box

This step is pretty simple. Take out the pasta, pour the mix in the empty box, and put the pasta back in the box. Then glue the box shut, so that it looks like it hasn't been opened.

Note: The powder will get bright red once it hits glue, so make sure that when you pour the powder in, it is done precisely.

Step 3: Give the Pasta to Your Victim

Give the pasta to your victim. You probably won't be there to watch it, but if you can, watch their expression. This picture is what the water looks like when you take out the pasta.


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