Colored Pencil Beads




Upcycle your old colored pencils into gorgeous colorful beads! String them as jewelry or glue them together to make brooches. Find original post and lots more fun stuff on Design Mom .

You will need:

Colored Pencils
Junior hacksaw
Fine sandpaper
Drill and small drill bit
Thread (for the necklace)
Superglue (for the brooch and earrings)
Brooch back (for the brooch)

Step 1: Beaded Necklace

1. For the basic necklace you will need to begin by making your beads. You can use either hexagonal or round crayons. The beads I cut were 7mm long. To cut your beads use a small, sharp, hacksaw blade. (In the UK you can pick up a junior hacksaw for a pound or two in most hardware shops). Take your time when cutting the crayons and try not to apply too much pressure…that way you are less likely to chip the paint off the outside.

2 & 3. Don’t worry if the cut surface of your beads look a bit scruffy…all they need is a quick rub with some sandpaper. I found it easier to lay the sandpaper on a flat surface and rub the bead along it.

4. Now drill a hole in the side of each bead using a small drill bit. Make sure you place a scrap piece of wood underneath. It’s not a good idea to get holes in the kitchen table!

Once you have cut a number of beads simply string them onto a length of thread…job done!

Tip: These little beads are also make lovely bracelets. If bright colours aren’t your thing then try some more subdued shades. White colored pencil beads look especially nice.

Step 2: Pointy Necklace

1. Begin by sharpening your colored pencil, then cut the end off as before. My beads measured about 3.5cm in length.

2. Drill a small hole through the end of your beads

3. String the beads onto some thread. You can add some coordinating beads if you wish.

Step 3: Brooch

If you fancy a bit more of a challenge then why not have a go at making the colored pencil brooch?

1. You will need to use hexagonal pencils for the brooch. Cut your beads as before. Mine were 6mm in length. You need 19 beads to make the brooch pictured.

2. Put some sandpaper on a flat surface and sand the beads so they are nice and smooth.

3. Work out how you want the beads to be arranged before you being gluing. Once you have decided simply start sticking the beads together using superglue.

4. Once your beads are all stuck together sand the underside of the brooch until it is flat and smooth.

5. Superglue a ‘brooch-back’ to the back of the brooch.

Tip: The best way to avoid making a wonky brooch is to assemble it on a flat surface. The underside of the brooch will be the most even so make sure this becomes the front of the brooch.

Make sure you only use the tiniest dab of superglue on each bead….and don’t stick your fingers together! I have done this before and was reminded how powerful superglue is!

Finally, remember these necklaces are not recommended for under three’s. I would also avoid making the pointy bead necklace for any child…for obvious reasons.



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19 Discussions


1 year ago

Very nice, also for the pencils when they are too short to use anymore. I would be careful about using the pointed beads. What if some one falls


4 years ago on Introduction

This is so cool! I made it for my sister, the exact same ones in your instruction ! She loves 'em.


4 years ago on Introduction

That looks Really cool !

I know what my niece and nephew are making this weekend!

Thanks for the share :)


7 years ago on Introduction

Thank you for sharing this ! We have olso make some of these awesom nekles!


7 years ago on Introduction

what type of colored pencils did you use?
mine are not that shape they are just round. will they still work?


7 years ago on Introduction

You might want to try putting a strip of masking tape around the area you are cutting or drilling to help keep the paint from chipping.

Great idea


7 years ago on Introduction

I have TONS of colored pencils and yet, never thought to turn them in to beads... What a very fun and creative idea. Love it! :-)


7 years ago on Introduction

This is very creative! thanks for sharing your hard work! Sunshiine