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Introduction: Colored Pencil Ring

About: Come spend some time in the shop. I'm a hobbyist woodworker and professional computer geek in Northern California. I guess my projects will vary widely, and I have no clue what I plan to make next...

I turn a ring from a box of colored pencils. 12 pencils glued into a blank an then turned on the lathe.
The outcome is striking! Finished with spray lacquer.

Ring sizing to bit size for inside diameter:

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    72 Discussions

    I love this! Watching your video made me remember how much I enjoy making things. Need to break out my tools again. Thanks!

    1 reply

    That is one of the coolest, simplest woodworking projects I've seen. Great job!

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    Yo, its you're old buddy badwhiskey. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to pick up a ton of colored pencils this weekend and make some blanks. I think I'm going to try bottle stoppers with them.

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    Good luck dude! I'll jump over to woodnet and see if you had any success!

    I want one!! Do you make them to order??
    Love it!

    im making this ring for my brothers girlfriend but she has tiny fingers would these steps still work as far as getting all the colors in the ring?

    I wish I had the equipment and space to make this! I'm living in a cheap one bedroom apartment at the moment but only to better save up to build a tiny home and I would love to make cabinet and drawer handles (I imagine it would work) out of a good set of artistic graphite pencils.

    I'm surely trying this! I don't think I can even get close to what you made! Bravo (y)