Colorful Bottles




Introduction: Colorful Bottles

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Step 1: Supplies

Your gonna need two bottles clear, modge podge, 2 paper plates and food coloring

Step 2: Pour

Pour the modge podge in both bottles

Step 3: Drip

Drip a couple drops of food coloring in both bottles-for lighter colors use less for darker use more

Step 4: Mix

Mix in the food coloring

Step 5: Wait

Stir the food coloring around the bottle so the whole bottle is full of glue then flip it upside down on the plate and wait 1-3 days for it to dry

Step 6: Couple Hours In

A couple hours in It should start to kind of look clear

Step 7: Finished



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    4 Discussions

    Nice and very usefull! I'll try that, thank you for this great idea!

    Thanks for the advice I'll try doing that

    You can also put them in the oven if you don't want to wait day for them to dry! Great job--cute bottles! :)