Colorful Candles




In these instructions, you will learn how to make beautiful multicolored candles.

The materials needed are:

  • Shaved clear wax
  • Crayons (colors of your choice)
  • Dixie 1 oz. disposable cups
  • Glass jars
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Wicks
  • Scent Oil (scent of your choice)
  • Leaning stand
  • Microwave

Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather all the needed materials as listed above

Step 2: Getting Started

Fill one disposable cup ¼ of the way full with clear wax

Step 3: Heat the Wax for the Wick

Heat the wax in the disposable cup for 45 seconds, Stir the wax with the Popsicle stick making sure it is melted all the way through if not heat for an additional 30 seconds or until melted

Step 4: Set the Wick

Once clear wax is melted, place a wick in the center of your glass jar, pour the melted clear wax over the base of wick until covered with wax, allow the wax to cool in order to set the wick

Step 5: Remove Paper From Crayons

Using your exact-o knife, remove all paper from crayons colors of your choice

Step 6: Making Your First Color

In a separate disposable cup, fill the cup ¾ way with clear wax adding one color crayon (broken into thirds) per cup

Step 7: Melting First Color

Heat the wax and Crayon mixture together on High for 2 ½ minutes stirring with popsicle stick occasionally until melted completely, add 3 to 5 drops of your selected scent

Step 8: Pouring Your First Color

Place your glass jar on the leaning stand, pour in your first color of melted wax into glass jar, allow to cool

Step 9: Making Second Color

Repeat step 6 and 7, Turn glass 180 degrees on the leaning stand only after the first wax has cooled completely

Step 10: Pouring Your Second Color

Pour second wax color into glass jar, allow to cool completely

Step 11: Finishing Up Your Candle

Repeat Step 6 and 7. Take the candle off the leaning stand once the second wax color has cooled completely, pour the last color of wax on top, and allow to cool.

Step 12: Enjoy

You have now completed making beautiful colorful candles. You can keep them for yourself or give them as gifts. I hope you have enjoyed making these fun and interesting candles.



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    Oh they are so pretty! I would have been afraid to melt wax in the microwave, but you have given me courage. This will make a nice stocking stuffer! Thank you!