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I like these paper flowers very much, so thought of sharing. hope you will like them. I think gifting a box full of these flowers would be good idea.

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Step 1: Materials Reqired

As It is a simple one we don't require many things. So what we require is:

1.Craft papers or color papers




Step 2: Drawing and Cutting

Place the pencil in center of the paper ans start moving it in a circular fashion then you will get an image as shown in the picture. Whenever I do this I just remember the hypnotism. Now cut it all around the pencil marks. If you want to erase the pencil marks you can do that but it is not mandatory.

Step 3: Folding and Gluing

Take the edge of the paper that we cut and start folding from the corner. Hold it tightly and turn it behind at the end of it add some glue and stick it properly. Now turn it back and leave it slowly.

Step 4: Done With the Rose!!

So now we are done withe the rose.Hope you enjoyed it and will make one. Share the project you made, I will be happy and looking forward to see it.

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    1 year ago

    I love the idea of a box of these as a gift. The recipient can use the flowers many ways: scatter them about the house, hide them in others' drawers, use them as individual gifts or surprises for others, or just leave them in the box to open occasonally when one needs a lift. And no pressure to keep them forever, dispose of them (recycle!) when one has finished getting joy from them.

    1 reply

    Question 1 year ago

    Hi, it's me...again! But I was wondering how wide the swirls should be. I tried making this, but I froze on the part where I roll it up because I made them the same size from the center all around to the edge, and it didn't seem to be coming out. Can you help?

    1 answer

    Answer 1 year ago

    The swirls can be of same size but if your are not getting it right then while coming to an end you can reduce the size of the swirls which will help you in the folding process.


    1 year ago

    Cuuuuute! I like the roses the best! You have my vote! Also, "scissors" has one "c" not two. :)

    2 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank youuuu soo much!! And thanks for the correction, I have edited it :-)