Colorful Petit Pies!




Introduction: Colorful Petit Pies!

Bring a little color into your life this Pi Day... 3-14-11! You could even throw a pi day party, and serve these! Petit fours are common party treats (A petit four is a small confection generally served as part of dessert. The name is from the French petit four, meaning "small oven"). If you have ever seen how cute and colorful a petit four is, you will understand my inspiration to make these!

The ingredients were inexpensive, yet they look like something you would order from a bakery. So save your money and just do it your self! You can crank tons of these things out in no time. They are served cold instead of hot, so perfect for the upcoming spring and summer season.

Weather you are serving them to your mom, kids, hubby, or at a festive summer party, these are sure to grab some attention :) 

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Step 1: What You Need...


1. A box of easy pie crust (this one was less than $2):
 OR make your own! I opted for this quick, easy, and inexpensive crust just for this instructable. If you were making a lot of these, I would suggest making your own since you can make a lot more pie crust :)

2. Food Coloring: Preferably neon or bright colors, but you could do whatever you want, they can be holiday themed even (red and green for Christmas etc). I got these colors because it was less than $4 and it had bright green, purple, pink, and orange!

3. Measuring spoons or measuring cups (depending on your pie crust recipe)

4. Box of light colored pudding:
I had a few of these 89 cent boxes of jell-o pudding hanging around in my pantry, but I opted to use the vanilla due to its light color, and because I wanted to dye it!

5. Mixing bowl for pie crust

6. cupcake pan (regular size)

7. Chopped fruit, candies, icing, whipped topping, Anything you want to decorate with! I chose fruit for these particular Petit Pies!

8. Regular white all purpose Flour

9. Rolling Pin

Step 2: Make Your Crust...

-If you chose a boxed pie crust, just follow the instructions on the side of the Box. For this crust that was...
1. empty contents into a bowl
2. pour in 1/3 cup of cold water
3. mix together (easiest to do with your hands)

-If you chose you own recipe then prepare as desired :)

Once you have mixed up your pie crust so that it is a big ball of dough, divide it evenly into however many colors of pie crust you are planning on making. In my case that was three, so I split my dough into 3 separate balls of dough, 

Step 3: Color Your Crust!

1. Take your dough, one ball at a time, and start mixing in your food coloring . Start with a small amount of food coloring and work your way up to the color you want. You can always add more color! If your dough gets too sticky, pat some flour into it

2. Flour your working surface where you will be rolling out your dough

3. One color at a time, use your rolling pin to roll out your dough.
-If you have a cookie cutter or a cup that you want to use, feel free to use that. I started off using a cup to make my circles, but the circles were not big enough to fill the cupcake pan, so i cut out the circles and then rolled them out a little more with the rolling pin so they would fit.
- Or you can just make small balls of dough and roll them out individually. 

Step 4: Filling Your Cupcake Pan

Take your dough and press it down into your cupcake pan, make sure that you lightly flour the side of the dough that will be touching the pan. This step is very simple and just do it however you want to, no strict instruction for this step.

Then follow your pie crust baking instructions. I suggest keeping an eye on it though, in case your pie crust cooks faster that you want it to. 

The box said to preheat the oven to 425, but I preheated mine to 375 and just kept an eye on my shells as they cooked. They were done after 8 minutes.

Step 5: Pudding! Yum!

Now make your pudding!! Depending on your size box, it will tell you how much milk to use to make your pudding. Most Jello pudding boxes also have instructions for pie filling.

Once you take your pudding off the stove, separate it into bowls . The number of bowls will depend on how many different colors of pudding filling you want to make!

Step 6: Color Your Puddin'

Just like when you were coloring your dough, remember YOU CAN ALWAYS ADD COLOR.... but you can not take color out! 

I tried to use minimal color, the pudding will pick up the color a lot easier than dough. Also, you don't want to use so much coloring that it makes your pudding taste funny. You will be able to gauge this through taste tests :)

 and ta-da! Pretty and colorful pudding!

Step 7: Filll Er' Up!

So fill your cups with your colorful pudding! Mix and match and do whatever your creative mind desires! 

These little cutie pies are INTENSELY colored! They almost look like fake food! If this freaks you out, just stick to colored crust and then leave your pie filling un-colored. OR YOU CAN ALWAYS OPT FOR CHOCOLATE! There is nooooo shame in that! 

Remember, when you decorate the tops of your pies, they will look a lot different :)

Step 8: Torta Bella!

I used chopped strawberries, bananas, and oranges! They all taste wonderful with the vanilla pudding, and give it a nice fresh taste :)

PLUS Banana, orange, and strawberry go well with one another!

decorate to your hearts desire, and as mentioned earlier, use whatever you would like! Candies, whipped topping, other fruits, icing... anything!! This is the fun part, and it covers up some of that intense pudding color, so then its just a surprise once you bite into it!!! 

Step 9: ENJOY!

Serve them to your friend and family, eat them by your self on the porch on a sunny day! Surprise your significant other with an after dinner treat ! 

You cant help but smile when you see these! 

Happy Pi Day 2011!!

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    I love the multicoloured pie crusts! What a great idea!