Colorful Smoke Vortex Ring




Step by Step Tutorial on how to build a powerful Vortex Cannon.


Industrial Bucket

Plastic Shower Liner

Duck Tape

Surgical Tubing

Bolts and handle(Optional)

Soda Bottle


Step 1: First Cut a Whole on the Top of the Bucket Leaving 1.5 Inches on All Sides

Step 2: Then Sand the Inside Smoothing Out Any Rough Edges

Step 3: Adding a Handle (optional)

I used three large bolts to connect a piece of wood which I could connect a makeshift handle to. After completing the project, however, I realized that it is much more effective to hold it by your waist, making the handle not needed.

Step 4: Next Cut a Large Circle With a Diameter of About 1.75 Feet

Step 5: Using the Top Portion of the Soda Bottle, Screw the Bottle Cap On, With the Thread Under the Circle.

Step 6: Sink the Soda Bottle About Half Way Into the Bucket, Draw a Line Around Where the Canvas Touches, and Cut the Excess Off

Step 7: Cover the Plastic in Duck Tape to Strengthen the Canvas and Prevent Any Rips

Step 8: Drilling Holes on the Sides of the Bucket and Soda Bottle, Run the Tubing Through Both to Create Tension

Step 9: By Filling It With Smoke and Shooting It Through Light, the Smoke Will Change Colors



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    3 Discussions


    11 days ago

    This is a great looking vortex cannon, nice work!

    Looks like a school project - what kind of class lets you make stuff like this!? I'm a little jealous! ; )

    2 replies

    Reply 11 days ago

    I’m in intro to engineering and we were tasked with pretty much making anything. Super happy how it turned out!


    Reply 11 days ago

    This sounds like an awesome class. I would have loved to have taken something like that when I was in school. Congrats on completing a great project. Keep it up!