Colorful Summer Easy Dress




summer is coming and the world will be bright with many colors so i made this dress for my dear daughter


Step 1: Top

draw on the paper the pattern which is a half side only with the measurements shown in the picture

cut it

fold the shirt and attach the pattern with pins to the shirt where are the buttons

cut the cloth

then put the two pieces together with the needle and the tread

Step 2: Belt

draw a pattern of 5 cm X 68 cm

attach to the top and sew

Step 3: Complete

cut the colored fabric 50 cm X 104 cm

attach to the belt with little folds to make 104 cm wide fit to the 68 cm belt

Step 4: Enjoy

wear it and feel the summer :))



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    3 years ago

    looks colorful and cute and will be very comfortable for summer.