Colorful Wire Rings

Supplies needed for colorful wire rings:

  • Fine wire in pretty colors
  • Wire cutters or sturdy older scissors, needle nose pliers, utility knife

Step 1: CAT Wire

Step 1: Carefully cut the gray covering to reveal the tiny wires inside, trying to not damage the smaller wires. (Sometimes, outer ugliness hides a beauty within.) I sliced the gray covering lengthwise with a utility knife to remove the inner wires. Wire strippers would also work well for this step. A word of caution: this step should be done carefully by an adult to avoid injury.

Step 2: Discard Gray Covering

Discard gray covering. Cut the fine wires into six inch lengths, and choose four pieces to use for the ring.

Step 3: Twist Wires Together

Step 2: Gather the four wires, and twist together in the center. Using a finger as your guide, twist the four strands of wire together at the top of your finger, twice. This pattern is can be custom made to fit ANY finger, small or large. Slight adjustments to size can even be made after the ring is complete.

Step 4: Curl Wire

Step 3: Separate the strands, and curl each wire with your fingers, or with needle nose pliers. Four curls go on the base layer: four curls clump in a tighter arrangement on top.

Step 5: Other Options for Wire

This colorful wire is such a useful item. It is a fun, inexpensive craft supply for adults or older children. For children, strip the gray covering off, cut the wire in lengths, and let the kids create. Let your imagination run wild! Use the wire to make jewelry, greeting cards, hair bows, and even the tiny fairy garden furniture shown below:



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    These are really cute. You should enter the Rings Challenge!

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