Colorful Whisky Bottles

Introduction: Colorful Whisky Bottles

Several years ago, as I was studying acid-base equilibria with all those nice color-changing pH indicators, I guessed it would be nice to load some empty whisky bottles with liquids of different colors. Result: a pretty simple, nice, small decorating object.

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Step 1: Materials

Well, this instructable is very simple. You'll need:

  • Some pigments for preparing coloured solutions (check step 2)
  • A set of nice bottles, I think small bottles look better. I used those from a set of liqueurs.

Step 2: Coloured Solutions

The only recomendation I can give you is that the solutes you use for creating the colors should be stable.

I used these pigments:

  • For the bottle with the green-blue solution: copper acetate
  • For the bottles with red, orange, and pink solutions: some acid base indicators I took from the lab were I worked some years ago (shhh!!!) at different pH values
  • For the bottle with blue solution: copper sulfate
  • There's also one bottle with water :) yeah u can say I'm lazy... that's true... however, being there so much color, I think one colorless bottle suits well

Step 3: Well, That's It!

Simple yet good-looking, don't you think?

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    If Some Darn Fool takes a drink from one of those bottles you could be in both criminal and civil court. At the verry least take the lables off of them.

    Remember the old Pharmacy Display Bottles? Red Tyndal's Coloidal Gold and Blue Copper Sulphate with Amonia?

    What was in the Golden Yellow bottle?