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In the rainy season.

the most beautiful thing is when it's stop

raining and the sun comes out and the

colorful rainbow is up the sky !

i wanna give a gift like that to my lover .

Step 1: Material


arduino mini * 4

arduino nano * 1

resistor 330 OHM * 24

arduino UNO (for program the mini)

12v battery * 1

DC_2_DC module * 1

3v battery * 2

DC motor * 1

card board * 1


IC 2003

PCB * 1

Step 2: Find Out the Rainbow Color Code Use UNO

dye the paper work with arduino

Step 3: Sorting Them in the Rainbow Order(in Coding)

i set the order :

Incandescent, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

which means the SUN, the RAINBOW bands.

Step 4: Let It All Print Out

on the tissue

it's easier to let it all out on paperwork,

but on the arduino circuit is difficult !

Step 5: Connecting All the LED(s) and Mini(s)

Step 6: Let It All Out

over here, the motor is not connected yet.

Step 7: Span the Width

adjust the voltage of the DC motor

and codes in order to increase the

width of the RAINBOW.

from dots to lines, and then

from lines to bands.

i use a wasted cola bottle to be the support.

Step 8: Drawing the Animation

VIDEO 1 is before embedding animation.

PIC 1 is after embedding animation it's rainbow.

PIC 2 is after embedding animation it's an empty heart " <3 ".

PIC 3 is after embedding animation that's a smile " : ) ".

PIC 4 is after embedding animation it's a colorful heart " <3 ".

PIC 5 is after embedding animation it's a bear

VIDEO 2 is after embedding animation.

TIP(s) : i use a piece of thin board or a piece of

card board.

in order to get better perfermanance you could use

thin board or a piece of polyfoam thin board instead.

Step 9: Controlling the Rainbow Bands and Synchronizing Between Frame to Frame

i use the reset line to sync(to MOVE in order).

the signal sync is sent from nano to mini 1,

mini 2, mini 3, mini 4 at the same time.

when mini 1 have seceived the sync

LED 1 will reset to INCANDESCENT, and

when mini 2 have seceived the sync

LED 3 will reset to ORANGE ,

and so on ......

and ~ i use a dc2dc module to adjust the voltage

for the motor in order to sync the frames.

TIP(s) : i use
Incandescent, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo

and violet LED by turn.

TIP(s) : for best efficency i use the 12 V battery

and a module of DC_2_DC in order to adjust the

rotary speed to sync between frame to frame.

Step 10: Coding

the RGB2_1.ino is the code for mini1.

the RGB2_2.ino is the code for mini2.

the RGB2_3.ino is the code for mini3.


and the dotMatrix5_RGB_2-2.ino is the code for nano.

and UNO is used to program the mini(s).

Step 11: Assembling Them All Together

PIC 3 : the "ab" text.

PIC 4 : the "y" text.

PIC 5 is after embedding animation it's a text "I <3 U".

means the "baby I LOVE U"

TIPs:the images are come from the NG propeller !

Step 12: Test Run

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