Coloring Flowers

Introduction: Coloring Flowers

Hello. This is my first instructable ever. This was an interesting experiment and I wasn't sure what to expect. Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did! Warning: fingers and other objects may become stained and some steps, such as cutting and dying etc, may not be suitable for or easily done by children. Read all labels for allergy precautions etc. I will take no blame in any injury, broken object, stains, etc. if anything happens throughout the project. Nothing bad happened to me or my assistant during the project but as I am 15, I want no issues or anything hanging over me. I had a lot of fun doing this project. I really hope you guys enjoy it!

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Step 1: Materials

-cups -warm water -food dye of liquid form (I used McCormick with red, yellow, green, and blue) -white flowers (I used carnations but any Gould work -scissors -small sharp knife (optional) -patience -time -something to set the ups in, like a box, so counters don't get stains on them

Step 2: Step One

So, the first thing I did was cut the flowers at a diagonal and stick them in warm water. The warm water is supposed to help the flowers take he water more readily.

Step 3: Step 2

Next, I added 40 drops of food coloring to each glass of water. The more food coloring u add, the more prominent the color. You can also mix dyes to get different colors but make sure the amount you have adds up to 40 drops or use a ratio amount of coloring to ensure a decent coloring

Step 4: Step 3

This is where you need time and patience. The water with the dye will be sucked into the flower but it may take a few hours for it to be visible or up to 24 hours. I let mine sit over night and the results weren't bad. The colors were visible. Also, red and yellow were easily the fastest colors to show up.

Step 5: Getting Fancy

If you wanted to make a multi-colored flower you could split the stem with a knife and stick each side into a glass, each with its own color dye in it.

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