Colors of the Rainbow Box




I made this box inspired by the theme 'Colors of Rainbow' so as the name indicates here I used seven colors of rainbow to make this box.

Step 1: Preparing the Box

I have taken square wooden box and remove its lock and then primed with white Gesso.

Step 2: Give Textures

To make the box more interesting I gave the textures by sticking tissue to the box. On top of it I gave the texture by modelling paste over stencil. I did it on sides also. To create more depth I added some more elements like some shells, some embellishments. After drying everything I again primed it with gesso.

Step 3: Making the Background

Now its a time to make my background colorful. Here I have used powder colors with water sprays to make the background. I used violet, indigo, blue, yellow, green for the background.

Step 4: Creating the Layout

Once my background is ready I created my layout my sticking metal embellishments and chip boards pieces. Once everything is dried I gave a coat of black gesso and let it dry.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

This is my favorite part. Since I used 5 colors of rainbow so now I used only orange and red to highlight my focal point. To add more depth I applied copper wax and distress the edges with copper wax. Finally applied varnish to protect it from wear and tear. My box is ready :)

Step 6: Closeup

Here are some closeups.



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    1 year ago

    It turned out nice, I like it. Love the structures and the metal parts, the Colors really finish the project in a good way!

    1 reply