Colossal Chicago Deep Dish Pineapple Cupcake

About: My name is Rachael -- I am a wife, daughter, sister, grad student, and mother to a mini husky. Catch me in my spare time and you may find me sportin’ flour across my face, food stains down my shirt, and/or m...

Cupcakes make people happy, especially me. Today, I made a Colossal Chicago Deep Dish Pineapple Cupcake (with pineapple filling) to represent where I live and to share with people I love. Hey friends, I'm all about spreading the love. In addition, I have posted the ingredients, directions, and pictures on my blog ( ). As many of you may know, Chicago is a hotspot for cupcakeries. A year ago, my friend and I started visiting cupcake joints and since then, we've visited 15 cupcakeries/bakeries in the Chicago area and multiple others in the Midwest. Check out my blog to see if I've reviewed a place near you.



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