Coloured Eyeliner




Good for having coloured eyes :)

Step 1: Make the Brush

First of all you will need a brush! Well you can use a posh eyeliner brush if you have a spare one but they can be pretty expensive for a good one and this way you can cut it exactly how you want it and its easy to use

You need a normal art brush to start, then cut it diagonally into a point and cut off the very tip to make it a bit flat (look in pictures)

Also, on one of the ones I made, I dipped it in PVA glue and wiped off the drips so it had a thin layer, then left it to dry overnight before cutting it. It made it firm like a dip eyeliner brush.

If your brush is very fluffy, you might need to turn it around and slightly angle the other sides as well.

Step 2: Liquid Eyeliner

You only need loose powder eyeshadow and water.

Put a scoop of eyeshadow in a small plastic pot, make sure it is in a pile not mixed up otherwise it won't mix properly (look at the end of this instructable) and then put in 1-2 drops of water and stir it.

Done :)

Step 3: Cream Eyeliner

This is basically the same as the other one but it makes a thicker eyeliner so it also comes out darker.

All you do is use a wet brush to get a bit of baked eyeshadow and make a paste on the brush.

Done :)

Step 4: Applying

Start with white/light colour eyeshadow and put white eyeliner on your inside eyelids (like in the picture). Then do a line of eyeliner which you want!

I prefer to do liquid eyeliner but put a thin line of cream eyeshadow closer to my eyelashes so it makes 2 shades, but it doesn't matter you can do whatever you want

Step 5: Done :)

Do it with as many colours as you want! I've done green, blue, pink and purple so far..

Step 6: This Is Just the Best Part

This is why you have to be careful when you mix the water, try putting a drip of water on a baked eyeshadow: it makes a bubble an the eyeshadow sticks to the outside. Also if you stir it it divides into smaller bubbles but it stays dry :0

So yh its not really important but i just liked it.



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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    By the way if you mean because they're orange its because i have a weird energy saver light bulb which makes all pictures orange. The picture of the eyeliner was taken in the bathroom.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah i know.. I'll probably edit it after I get someone to take pictures its just because I accidentally did it last night aand I was too impatient to post it the next day....


    5 years ago

    Thanks me too :)