Coloured Ice Lighting




Note: This instructable was made as an easy, quick example for my students on how one could/should look. However, it should be perfectly viable for use by anyone. Please excuse the lack of descriptive pictures from the different steps of the process - it should be pretty self-explanatory, though.

Step 1: Requirements

You will need:
- water
- a water-soluble paint (acrylic paint worked well)
- an array of diverse bowls, open containers, etc
- a cold environment
- your choice of candles, torches or other suitable light sources
- patience

Step 2: Process

a) mix water + paint in bowl/container
b) put bowl w/coloured water in a cold environment (ie outside, in our case)
c) wait (approx. two days even at below -10 degrees Celsius)
d) remove coloured ice from bowls by bringing them indoors for a while
e) place a light source, candles preferably, on top of the flat side of your ice domes

Step 3: Finish

Light the candles and welcome your guests to a Christmas party or similar enjoyable occasion.

And wash up the bowls properly before using them for food!



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    Thanks. Indeed they were. One could possibly use them even i more temperate climate or seasons besides winter, but a freezer is obviously necessary, and shorter use.