Colourful Bench and Chairs




Like a new one, a modification to paint selection and wood design. A result which offered a change in a sitting set. looked old and boring.

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Step 1: The Old Bench With Brown Wood

There was a bench along with chairs with brown wood timber and round metallic table out in the garden. I decided the whole set needed a colourful vivid refurbishment to give a vivid tone, enjoy it inside as well and offer a pleasant corner.

Step 2: Pallet Wood As Always

Pallet beams are always needful but sometimes they need someminor repair to keep them without holes, which damage the general impression. I filled the nail holes or minor scratches and damages. I cut them accordingly to match long and short sizes and fully rounded the corners.

Step 3: Iron Base Kept

I sanded the surface cleared any scratch and on the iron frame and painted bright blue.

Step 4: Wood Beams on the Iron

I tried out the beams to be fixed on the iron frame with new holes.

Step 5: Bright Colours

This time I chose oil paint in bright color combinations to give an impressive tone, wherever the set would be placed.

Step 6: The Result

A nice sitting set, a new place. I hope it will be in service for many years, till I decide to apply a new "dress" and refresh again a corner somewhere in the house.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I, too, thought it was done in real popsicle sticks for doll house patie! Your hard work produced a delightful outside set. You didn't you have children in the house, or grands?? Good job!


    3 years ago

    Looks great! At first I thought that it was doll house furniture because in the picture it looks you made it with popsicle sticks!