Colourful Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Introduction: Colourful Everyday Makeup Tutorial

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I know this might not suit everyone or every outfit but i love to play with colours and feel colourful makeup is so much more fun to wear then neutrals as sometimes just looks the same. I do hope you like this look and love to know if you are a colourful or neutral type of person.

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Step 1:

So first I am just applying a concealer to the lids of my eyes to act as a primer. This is going to help the look last all day. Then taking a light skin tones eyeshadow shade and applied this onto of the concealer to help set it and prevent it from creasing. Then with a light pink shade I applied this to the crease of my eye and used this as a transition colour. I keep blending this out until its the shade I want. Then with a darker shade of pink I apply this also in the crease but more on the outer edge. I then go back in with the skin colour shade to the lid to clean this up. I then go in with a light pink shimmery shade and apply this to the inner corner.

Step 2:

I then go in with some mascara and apply this to the lashes. You can apply false lashes but for this look I wanted to stay as natural and easy as possible.

Step 3:

Now I go in with my concealer and apply this to my under eyes , nose, chin and forehead. Then with a beauty blender I just blend this out and apply a loose setting powder on top of the concealer. I then just go in with my bronzing powder and apply this to my cheeks, hairline, jaw and nose to help shape my face.

Step 4:

Then with a dark purple pink blush shade I just apply this to the apples of my cheeks. I then just go in with my foundation brush to blend this all out and make sure there is no harsh lines.

Step 5:

Then with the dark pink shade you applied in the crease you are also going to want to apply this to the lower lash line to bring this look together. Finally I just applied a nude pink lipstick and applied this to my lips.

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