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Introduction: Colourful Vintage Party Banner

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#BestMomEver. Make a colourful banner from bettered book pages to celebrate mom not only on Mom's Day but Everyday! You can paint the each page with a single colour or different colours. This banner can be made for a birthday or any other party! Spell out what you want.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:

vintage book pages - browse your local thrift stores and garages sales for battered books. Recycling books in this way is better then throwing them away!

watercolour, water, and paint brush

organza ribbon

hot glue

Step 2: Making the Banner

Paint each page with watercolour. Dab some water and then add some paint with paintbrush. Add more water, as you paint the whole surface. The effect must be uneven and watery. Tilt the pages so some paint runs down a bit. Let dry.

Use your computer and printer to print out letters forming the sentence or a word. Alternatively, you can use a black permanent marker to write letters from hand.

Use hot glue to attach the pages on the organza ribbon.

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