Colourfull Eifel Tower

I am going to give this to my French teacher but I decided to put it on the contest to see if people like it


•3D pen

Step 1: Frame

I made the eifel tower out of thin 3D pen filament. This took a while as I had to do it in small pieces and glue it all together

Step 2: Flag

The flag (like the frame) is made of coulorfull 3D filament on a gold flag post.

Step 3: The Paint Job

I’m sorry that it may look like the Netherlands flag but that was the only way I could do it, it is fence paint (I believe) and I did several coats

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17 days ago

This is definitively one of a kind. I indeed like it very much and it made me smile this morning.

Alex in NZ

19 days ago

That's an impressive piece of work for using a 3-D pen. Well done! :-)