Colt Army's Update From the Colt Navy




Introduction: Colt Army's Update From the Colt Navy

About: working on - getting more knex for the m14 that i am starting and also updating my mg42

These are my two Colt's . its a little stronger than the navy version on the barrel due to added pieces  they are really fun to spin . if you havent seen my colt spinning video check that out!!! anyway i have pictures ready to post for the instructions if there is a high regard for these twins :P



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    Sure! I'll break apart my famas tomorow (posting instructions right now)

    ah so thats what the handle looks like... close enough then...
    this is my version:


    I realy like the looks of them! I guess it's hot where you live too. (27~31 degrees Celsius here in the Netherlands =0 )

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