Combat Butter Knife

Introduction: Combat Butter Knife

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Do you think yor kitchen is too un manly? Well I have a solution combat butter knives they are very easy to make and awesome! For this project you need : a dremel, common sense , butter knife, diamond dremal atachment and safety gear

Step 1: Shape the Blade

Shape the blade to the shape that you want I used a drop point on mine :|

Step 2: Your Done

Your now done and I am in no way responsible for your injurys or what you do with this novelty item it is not meant for cutting wood either so dont complain that it dosent work. you can also wrap the handle but i did not want to.



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    You have to be mindful of shaping the metal. For starters, using too much heat can take away from the temper. Also, what type of metal are you starting with and what is it's hardness? Too soft or too hard will do you no good, just be a knife that lays there.

    good idea

    I am reminded of the instruments those prison gentlemen use to ventilate each other. Mora knives cost $11. Invest, they are amazing knives.

    Im trying to constructive criticism, That looks a little... unfinished shall I say looks like you was doing it then got a little tired and thought that'll do. (Sorry for the shoddy typing and not so constructive criticism)