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Introduction: Combat Shotgun

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Hello iblers,

This is my second instructable and today i want to show my new combat shotgun.
I made it a couple of months ago so it isn't very good.
it has a fake drum mag with a normal mag inside.
Lets go to the pros and cons shall we?

Fake drum mag
Block trigger connected to true trigger
Comfy handle
Iron sights
extendable barrel
Ammo holder in the stock

Stock is a little flimsy
Not the best looking gun ever
Hard to reload



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    It's ok, but not the best. Try improving the strenth on the main barrel/body above the trigger, it looks a bit flimsy. For now 3.5 *

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    There is a normal blue rod magazine inside the fake drum.
    for me, it jammed rarely but i used my best pieces at that part.