Combination Toys & Paint




Introduction: Combination Toys & Paint

The Paint is My Love
And now
Combination Toys & Paint

Step 1:(Equipment needed)

1-1- Sheet Color Cardboard (ORANGE) (1)
1-2- Plastic Black Jeep(1)
1-3- Metal Armored personnel carriers (1)
1-4- Plastic Tank (1)
1-5- Plastic Soldiers (5)
1-6- Lego Soldiers (2)
1-7- BlacK Pencil

Step 2:(Performance)

First : painted the wheels of the Metal Armored personnel carriers with black pencil on cardboard.
Second : painted the wheels of the Plastic Tank with black pencil on cardboard.
Third :Put the rest of the toys on your CardBoard.
Fourth : Take A photo of the scene with a digital camera.
Fifth : We can open the photo file on a computer with an image editing software (Paint).
sixth : We will paint your favorite scene to a war.

I hope you enjoy

The End



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