Combination Dartboard Stand and Airsoft Gun Range

Introduction: Combination Dartboard Stand and Airsoft Gun Range

After searching the web for weeks, I had to make my own solution to what is most likely an uncommon problem.

Problem: How to make a standing dartboard that can be used as an airsoft gun target.
Other problem: Limited tools and life in an apartment prevents more complicated builds.
Other other problem: Combination of low powered spring airsoft pistols and higher FPS electric and gas models need a stop which is strong enough for the high power and at the same time flexible/soft enough to prevent weaker guns from just bouncing back

Solution: a (approximatly) 6x2x1 sized cabinet/target stop which is low profile for apartment living and only require 2 cuts and a drill to assemble

What you'll Need:
1- 2x4 plywood (I used a birch veneered piece of plywood that was precut at my local home improvement store)
3- 2x2 plywood (2 will need to be cut in half to 2x1s)
2 6'x1'x12 planks
2 hooks
1 24x40 rug
screws 1-1/2 inch wood screws seemed to work fine with pre-drilling

First take the 6'x1' planks and assemble them into a box shape while being sure to to keep all the faces on the front flush if possible. Be sure to predrill to avoid splitting the plywood and keep the imperfections towards the back lower inside if possible. (granted you can avoid having to do this with the proper use of a circular saw but this was done with limited tools and in an apartment)

Next insert the 2x4 into the frame to make a rigid backing which will act as both a backstop and to provide support. When i did mine I was able to wedge it in then secured it with 4 screws on each side

Install the shelf, if you happen to have had a piece of plywood that was slightly larger then the rest consider using it. (mine happened to been around 1/4" too small, was steady and for the most part looked good regardless) i recommend using 2 screws on each side to avoid any sudden collapses in the future

Install the remaining 2x1 either as a 2nd shelf or as a bb catch/storage as i did

Install the remaining 2x2 where the dartboart will be positioned, you may have half an inch of overlap from inexact cuts and the shelf, again this can be avoided with easy access to a saw.

Your cabinet is built! now to add those extra features

Add Ons:

About 1/4-1/2 an inch from the back and centered to the width of the cabinet drill a small hole and screw in a wood hook this will hold up your dartboard and if it has too much space between the board and the wall place some felt pads or similar spacers to hold it stationary

Dart Holder
Drill a total of 6 holes, I used 3 on each side, these will allow you to drop a dart in and the larger shaft will keep it from falling through, helps save shelf space and I personally like the look

Airsoft Backstop
Using either a rug or some heavy fabric at 24"x40" use staples to secure the material about 4-6 inches from the back through the bottom of the shelf, be sure to use staples that are large enough to go through the material and grip the shelf without actually going through said shelf.

Airsoft Target
Most targets available for sale have a hole punched in already for a hook, so same as the dartboard you'll want to do a predrilled hole while being sure to not drill through the shelf.

Of course there are many ways this design can be improved, for example you can replace the 2x4 and a 2x2 with a 2x6, you can change the demensions (infact i was originally going with 18" deep)

Having all the tools helps, I managed to get my local home supply store to cut the 2 2x4s in half for me and used precut lumber for the rest hence the possibily of not everything fitting prefectly.

Using some mid quality materials which look presentable as they are and with the option to paint later once the thermometer thaws out the total cost for me was about $85 (sans dartboard). You can cut the costs by using lower grade materials such as plywood.

Tested the backstop and a majority of bbs fall into the trap below, a few rounds may bounce off, I found that it didn't have any power left after hitting the mat, but experiment a bit and find what works best.

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