Combine Real Photo and Picture

Introduction: Combine Real Photo and Picture

Hello everyone, nice to meet you again,now i want to share about how to combine real photo and your draw with using galaxy note 8 android 4.2.2 with sketchbook pro software. First u can take a photo which one do you like. I use my sofa as an object like above picture. Now you can invisible your photo, because we want to draw a handbag

Step 1: Draw a Rectangle

Now you can draw a rectangle like above picture because i want to draw a ladies handbag.You can use your stylus pen for draw it..

Step 2: Add the Corner of Handbag

Still using your stylus pen to draw the corner of the handbag like my picture.

Step 3: Adding a Notebook Inside Ladies Handbag

I want to draw a notebook, it's look a like we can see the inside of that handbag.

Step 4: Adding a Ladies Wallet Beside Notebook

I want to draw a ladies wallet beside the notebook, because every ladies always bring a wallet in their handbag, right?

Step 5: This Is the Wallet

yes, this is the ladies wallet.You can draw a flower at the wallet

Step 6: Next Is Second Wallet

i want to draw a second wallet beside first wallet. Because sometimes the ladies always bring more than 1 wallet.

Step 7: And Then Drawing a Water Bottle and an Umbrella Inside the Handbag

Next draw a water bottle and an umbrella to fill the handbag.

Step 8: Now Make Your Handbag Beautiful

Add a holder handbag like my picture and add a love to make your handbag more sweety. Also u can add an accessories like mine.

Step 9: Now We Will Draw a Pillow for Sofa

After we drawing a handbag,and then invisible it, because we want to draw a pillow for sofa.We can draw a rectangle for a pillow, draw a small rectangle like mine.

Step 10: Draw a Love to the Pillow

Add an accessories like mine,i adding love to the pillow.

Step 11: Finish My First Pillow Bag

Step 12: Second Pillow

Drawing my second pillow, draw a small rectangle like the first pillow.

Step 13: Complete the Second Pillow

Complete the second pillow , we can draw a pillow with a bigger love than the first pillow.

Step 14: Adding Carving at the Sofa

I want to add the carving to sofa. Only simple carving

Step 15: Finish

Now you can visible all drawing..And you can using tools "transform" to move the handbag on the sofa, and move the pillow on the above sofa.
And then finish. Thank you for reading.

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