Combining My Small Solar Panels and Wind Generator.




I've parallel wired the combined solar panels and the wind generator.
I have a blocking diode to the wind generator inline between it and the solar panels.
The 12 volt plug from the trickle charger has a blocking diode and an LED that blinks when there is power being generated.
The power being generated fluctuates between 0 and 12 volts, all depending on weather conditions and the time of day.

I'm running the power from the generator and solar panels into and then back out of the power pack inside the house through an old phone line.
I bought the Power Pack from Harbor Freight.
I've used the power pack so much that I have burned up the compressor.
So, It's time for a new power pack, therefore I'm not worried about damaging this power pack by not using an AMP Controller.
I check the charge level to the power pack regularly and so far there are no signs of the battery being over charged.

In my area, the normal weather conditions are clear and calm or cloudy and windy.

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Step 1: Outside LED Lighting

I had a LED head lamp with spot light that the head strap had broke off.
So I installed the headlamp inside an old security light housing.
I have the "Night watchman", which is a 12 volt light sensor relay hooked up to the LED lights.

Step 2: LED Outside Lighting

I wired the spot light and the 2 LED flood lights in series, then added an addition resistor to handle the 12 volts coming from the Night Watchman, which is receiving the 12 volts from the power pack through the other 2 leads of the old phone line

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    3 years ago

    nice work... I designed a solar and wind street light - works under the same principle take a look there is a lot you can do with the technology

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    really nice site, with great products and lots of information.

    Awsome Instructable! I love how you put the LEDs from your headlamp into a security light housing. You said that you bought the yellow power pack from harbor freight? Does it work well and what is the rating on the battery?

    2 replies

    Very cool! Do you have any ideas on how to make a simple charge controller for a wind turbine? Where I live 40mph winds are common and my turbine always produces more than my batteries can handle. Ive looked at a few other instructables but they look a little complicated.