Socky-Shoes / Comfortable House Shoes




Introduction: Socky-Shoes / Comfortable House Shoes

Little hole in the front area of a sock? Do not throw it away yet!

My seven year old daughter came up with a great idea that gives a second life to old socks.
We call them "Socky-shoes".

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Step 1: Rescue Some Old Socks From the Bin

Before you throw away old socks, look if the wear and tear damage is just in the front area of the sock.

If so: Rescue them from the bin and give them a second life as comfortable "Socky-Shoes".

Step 2: Put Sock on With Hole on Top

Put on your sock(s) with the hole on top . I know it looks strange to put it in plain sight, but do not worry!
It will not be visible later on...

Do not pull the sock all the way up the foot, but approx. half way. It depends a bit on the lenght of the sock and how stretchy it is.

Step 3: Fold Over the Empty Part

Take the front of the sock and fold it over.

Step 4: Put It In

Put the front part of the sock inside the top of the sock.
As you do this, the tear and wear damage / holes will not be visible anymore.

Step 5: Pull Over Heel

Now try to pull the sock over the heel.
It might take some re-adjustment in the previous steps when it turns out that the "Socky-shoe" is too small.

Step 6: Be Proud of Your Accomplishment

After you created a good fit, feel free to take pride in your accomplishment.
Nice and comfortable house shoes. FOR FREE !

When you really like the "Socky-shoes" the way you made them, you can do some stitches on top to fixate the size.
After washing them, you can put them on right away.

But to be honest..just redoing the steps might be more easy then wiggle your foot in the cleaned "Socky-Shoe"

Step 7: Feel Good!

Wear your comfortable "Socky-Shoes" the way you feel like:
- in the house
- in front of the fireplace
- on the wooden floor as indoor skates (kids)
- during strawl on the patio

Step 8: The Inventor of the "Socky-Shoe"

It was my daughter Dionne, 7 years of age, who invented the "Socky-shoes" in june 2012.

On her request it was put on the internet.

She hopes that the instructable of her small-invention will save many people over the whole world a little money.

If you would like to sponsor some of her future inventions and/or projects, just send her a percentage of the savings on your first pair of second-life socks. Or just make her famous by sharing her instructable with friends.

A small PayPal donation to account "" would greatly encourage her free inventors spirit !

Please mention "Socky-shoes" in case you donate something to her.

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