Comfy Cuts

Introduction: Comfy Cuts

When you are in elementary school you use your scissors all the time. When they are uncomfortable, you have to find a way to hack them and make them better.

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Step 1: Sugru Grip

Enter the Sugru Hack. Students in this 4th grade class were tired of their hard to use scissors. They left marks, pinched and hurt their hands.

Open the package of Sugru. Roll the Sugru into a snake and then flatten the Sugru into the inner finger/thumb hole of your scissors. Insert your hand/fingers into the correct holes and use them to cut for 10 seconds. This will help form the natural indent of your fingers as they use the tool. Take your fingers out and let the newly formed grips air dry over night.

The next day your scissors will have a foamy, rubberized grip that will be much easier to use.

Step 2: Just Take Our Word for It....

Play the video to hear how our 4th graders took on the Sugru hack....

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