Comfy Nose Pads for Eye Glasses




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Intro: Comfy Nose Pads for Eye Glasses

By using the fuzzy side of self-stick Velcro, you can make comfortable replacement nose pads for your eye glasses.

Step 1: Getting Started...

You will need:
self-adhesive Velcro, fuzzy side only
alcohol for cleaning nose pad bases
scissors for cutting Velcro

Start by cleaning the old nose pad bases with alcohol to remove dirt and oil.  This step will improve the strength of the Velcro adhesive.

Step 2: Create the New Velcro Nose Pads

Cut the fuzzy Velcro material with scissors to the shape that you desire.

Step 3: Apply the New Velcro Nose Pads

Peel and stick the new Velcro nose pads. 

Step 4: Finished & Mitigating Further Nose Pad Loss

If you suffer from repeated nose pad thievery, like I do, it may help to give the perp something more interesting or more expensive to chew on.

PS You can put your glasses back on now!



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Sounds interesting, I will trust in you. Those little plastic pieces are lost forever, and are difficult to find.