Comic Book Coffee Table


Introduction: Comic Book Coffee Table

Hey all, this is my first Instructable, so please excuse my formatting, but I hope you all can find a use for old comics like I did!

This is a super easy to make decorative coffee table for your living room.  Truly this process can be applied to any surface so you can trick out your dresser, desk, night stand, or other surfaces!

Take a look at the video tutorial I did with TheStylish for a step by step on how to accomplish this cheap/easy/fun coffee table! 

All you need are:
comic books (or any other type of paper you'd like to cover a surface with ie newspapers, internet memes, magazines)
Polycrylic (safe and water soluble before it's dried)
Paint brus



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    2 years ago

    i have 120x80 cm table how much polycrylic would i need for that table?

    i did the same thing on a smaller scale


    i pooped myself and had to wipe using the comics :{{

    I tried this on a couple of canvasses. any solution on how to get wrinkles out

    I did this on a smaller scale (coasters) with some old Harvey comics. (The photo's not upside down on my computer.)


    will be doing this with my old coffee table, however mine is round so going to use wallpaper paste and get the paper nice and soggy then do light coats of sealer and varnish on top

    Nice instructable, never seen this style of instructable before and it has a certain appeal.
    Did the exact same thing(she's a comic fan) a couple of years ago and made my girlfriend an open cabinet for all her jewelry (which is a lot).

    I really like the coasters, did you make those yourself?