Comic Book Decoupage



This works on canvas, coffee tables, your imagination really is the limit!

*Old/damaged comic books or printed comic pages. (if printed, do it on a laser, or the glue will smudge the whole thing)
*Your choice of item to decorate (a cheap reprint canvas in this case)
*Craft Glue (I dilute mine with a bit of water)
*Foam craft brushes

Hopefully the pictures show the basics. Cut your comic strips into squares, or around the panels, whichever you like the look of. Simply brush glue over the area, place a couple of panels, seal down with glue, and repeat. Cut out more than you think you need, its better than trying to cut them out with glue on your hands. Trust me on this one.
If you find any wrinking/creasing issues, a circular motion and firm pressure using a craft brush coated with glue seem to be effective. 

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